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About the workshop diary

Various measuring instruments were used in our workshops to evaluate the methodological tools. The big challenge was, on the one hand, to obtain relevant statements about the effectiveness of the interventions and, on the other hand, not to interrupt the flow of the workshop.

As a tool for introspection and reflection, we developed an accompanying workshop diary. During the individual workshop phases, this repeatedly asked the participants to write down and reflect on their thoughts and feelings and at the same time offered a personal retreat in the Experience-space.
The participants were thereby invited to question why they have certain feelings and thoughts that are expressed in their attitudes. Here, we referred to Alfred Schütz's analysis of the lifeworld concept (1971, 1972).

With the accompanying diaries, we wanted to support our participants in their individual search for personal contexts of meaning. The workshop diaries where divided into three areas: preparation, support and evaluation and was filled out anonymously. For us, the diaries represent a remarkable wealth of knowledge, as they allowed a deep insight into the world of feelings and thoughts of the participants.